Refugio contra la soledad


Dagoberto Rodriguez, cofounder of the collective Los Carpinteros, and the Basurama collective, collaborate for the first time on a site-specific artwork for «La NO Comunidad».

In their artistic approach towards solitude, they use the idea of the hermitage as an icon of the Spanish landscape. Mythically dedicated to hermits or monks in solitude, their widespread abandonment and their repurposing into centers for popular festivals are the best representation of the destruction of the community in favor of the contemporary individual.

Taking this as the basis of inspiration, they propose the construction of this refuge against solitude as a meeting place. An intimate yet open place in which each person must enter, prepared to be approached by anyone, to chat, comment, lament or laugh. An architecture of complex geometry, a temporary and precarious architecture that receives thespectator with an atmosphere of light.

Blanca de la Torre