MutualArt: Dagoberto Rodríguez: Tus manos están bien

Press Release

SEPTEMBER 17, 2019-OCTOBER 26, 2019

IvoryPress presents Cuban artist Dagoberto Rodríguez’s first solo exhibition in Spain, entitled Tus manos están bien.

Language has always been of tremendous importance in the history and sensibility of Cuba. In the Emblemas series, Rodríguez combines hood ornaments from mid-twentieth-century North American cars, which symbolise capitalist development, with popular slogans and mottos spread during the Cuban revolution. In doing so, the artist synthesises the paradox that is precisely encapsulated in Cuba, where cars that represent the capitalistic development of the United States after World War II have been kept in use through sixty years of communism.

This exhibition, curated by Diana Cuéllar, brings together a selection of pieces that work with diverse textures and the fragmentation of language in order to merge different historical forms of writing. The result is a sort of book-exhibition or, more precisely, tablet-exhibition (again, making a historical conceptual link with contemporary digital tablets). Amidst the trends and hyper-acceleration of communication, common aspects of the human condition appear, in their eternal quest for spirituality, power and poetry.